Thursday, December 17, 2009


Animax is anime satellite television network originally based in Tokyo, Japan and last 2007 they launched at some places in Europe and launched in Portugal last 2008. Here is a good news to all you anime fanatics out there. Animax-asia now brings you on of the top new anime's today. It is considered has appeared number one on countless anime lists and is considered to knock you off senseless with it's antics. It is highly suggested on forums and rated high in the field of watch anime category. And we are proud to say that Animax Asia proudly brings to you Gurenn Lagann.
Gurenn Lagann has a mecha based anime that could give you non-stop laughter. There's lots of interesting characters to live up this title. This anime has around 24-25 episodes of nonstop laughter and entertainment. If you want more information about your favorite anime you can check Anime Info for the latest anime in the country.

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