Sunday, December 06, 2009

Amazing Race Season 15 Winner

I and my older brother has been a follower of the Amazing Race ever since the first season started. Yesterday (December 06,2009 in Las Vegas) was the Season Finale of the Amazing Race and i was so happy that my bet Meghan and Cheyne who had became a clear winner since the past three legs, turned up around the corner and claimed their victory. They were granted the $1,000,000 cash as the winners of season 15. It was a very exciting show.

THE FINAL RACE (Las Vegas Nevada)

Meghan and Cheyne were the first to depart from Prague but everyone left on the same flight to Las Vegas,Nevada, and travel to the Graceland Wedding Chapel to receive their next clue.

Next, the teams had to go to Mandalay Bay. They were all still even at this point. At Mandalay Bay,one team member had to track down the side of the huge towering building to get the next clue. Brian and Erika made it down first.

Then, they had to go to the Mirage Casino & Resort. One team member had to launch the other high enough into the air to grab a bouquet of flowers,during a Circus Olay show. Brian & Erika lost the lead on this one as Meghan and Cheyne caught up and got it first. Then Sam and Dan arrived and got it. Meanwhile, Erika still couldn’t get the flowers. She started getting very frustrated.

Next, they had to go to the country of Monaco,and get to the Monte Carlo Hotel for their next clue. Then, they had to count out $1 million dollars worth of poker chips to get their next clue. All the teams caught back up with each other here,but Sam and Dan were in the lead,since they got there first.

After that, they had to get to the MGM Grand Hotel. Once there, Wayne Newton told them where there last pit stop is. Meghan and Cheyne were in the lead, at this point. Wayne Newton said the clue to the last pit stop was his house. Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan were racing for it now.

Meghan & Cheyne ended up getting there first and won the $1 million grand priz.

I am so really really happy for them! They really deserved it. among the other teams they were just calm all through out the race and they seldomly argue.

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