Friday, January 23, 2009

Future Entrepreneur

Kauffman in one of the world's largest foundation devoted to Entrepreneurship and improved the education of children and youth. The foundation is wonderful because they have a website where people can get information, resources and ideas for small business owner and future business entrepreneur. The foundation was established in the mid- 1960's by the late enrepreneur Ewing Marion Kauffman. He created the foundation because he believe that education and entrepreneurship are key elements to building a society of productive, self-sufficient, socially-conscious adults who will in turn give back to their communities.
We all know that America's economy isn't that good, infact i think every country suffer from this enomic crises. The aim of the foundation is to help the children and youth of America about how to become an Entrepreneur and make them prepare to become a bussiness man someday in order to build and strengthen the America's economic crises. In their re designed website you can see their latest news and opportunities they offer and they tries to develop the help the future of entrepreneurship from America and also the whole world.
As we all know, Kauffman Foundation focused on the youth. They work hand in hand in building up and giving the children the right education they deserve and provides many resources on Young Entrepreneurship and training using e-learning that well develop the entrepreneurship mind of the children to become knowledgeable Young Entrepreneur.

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