Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Heroes of newerth soon update

It's been a while since i posted heroes of newerth updates. Just hang in there because they are scheduled to release a new patch which features a new hero and an update on pollywog priest. As soon as the update release I will post here the changes and modification.
To those who are still asking for BETA KEYS, I Apologize but the open registration is still close. As soon as they will re- open I will announce it here.



Seems like Blogging industry is also suffering from recession. Ever since 2010 started, I seldomly received task from those blog to pay sites i registered compared to how much i earned last few years being a blogger. Anyways, I'm planning to publish another blog on wordpress since my work is related to wordpress but honestly I would prefer blogger/blogspot. till here my dear readers. I'm about to play HON :).


Mr Trolah said...

Man i havent played HON in a while... please check out my blog!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Yeah, this is nice

Oyah said...

Visiting... nice blog, please follow me at , coz I've followed u, ty... I'll also add ur link in my Friends' Links ...