Sunday, March 14, 2010

Are you this addicted to milk? LMAO

While doing my work, I came across this blog site of a mother who is worried and troubled regarding her daughter's craving. Here's the letter she made for her daughter.

Dear Daughter,

Im thinking of staging an intervention for you. I believe you have a problem. Your addiction to milk has gotten way out of hand. At first I thought it was a good thing. I personally do not care for milk and never drink it. I was happy that you took to milk so well because of the benefits of it. However, I think you took to it too well. I’m thinking you are an addict now and want you to seek help. I suppose the signs were there all along; you would get very angry if we ran out, you asked for it at every meal, it was the first thing you wanted in the morning and the last think you wanted at night, and you would be irritable if I resisted your demands for ANOTHER glass. The real eye opener was the other day after we bought a gallon at the store. You asked to hold it in your carseat. I thought it was weird, but you are two and two year olds do weird things all the time. When we got out onto the road, I heard a kissing sound. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw you kissing and hugging your milk. You even said, “Love you milk!” I had no idea that your obsession had gone that far. I realized then that my daughter had joined the millions with addiction problems. I blame myself for this just so you know. I wasnt able to nurse because of the seizure medications I am on. Because of this, I think you turned to milk to comfort you. Maybe I shouldnt have listened to the doctor. Maybe I should have nursed you anyway. If I had, we wouldnt be in this predicament now. Im sorry that I caused you so much pain that you had to resort to milk. Im calling the Intervention Show tomorrow.


I honestly don't know how to react but I find this post entertaining regardless of the mother's worries. Can't help but laugh fter reading her entry a couple of times. ha ha ha :) :) :)


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