Saturday, September 26, 2009

Car and Truck Donations

Have you ever heard of Car Donations and Boat Donations? I don't believe it at first till i came across this website where you can Donate your unused boats and cars to help those who needs food, shelter, or medical care. When i look around, many people are homeless My heart aches and many times i wonder whether i can do anything that will bring a difference. There are hundreds of people who keeps on donating, It's not too late to help other by Car Donations you can contribute to such a noble cause and one good thing is your tax will be deducted depending on how much your car is worth.
Maybe some of you are wondering why some people donates their vehicle instead of selling it . One of the main reason why people decides to donate their vehicle is because they are tired of trying to sell the vehicle themselves. and what will happen to the donated vehicles? The Charity or Foundation where they donate their vehicles will renovate and sell it on cheaper price. Your not just helping the needy people but you are also helping other people who wanted to have a car or boat but they can't afford to buy a brand new one for the reason that it is too expensive but because of your donation they can Buy Used Boats and Used Cars.

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Cars4Charities said...

Cars4Charities offers hundreds of charities for you to donate a car to. In addition to getting a tax deduction of at least $500 on your itemized federal return, your car donation will help the charity you select from our list.