Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sugar Munch Desserts

Me and Dro are such a “GOURMAND”. We both love spicy food and we love exploring different type of cuisines and different restaurants here in our city. Italian is our favorite since we both love Pastas and Pizzas and for me Antreé, located at Apo View Hotel serves the best Carbonara in town. But there’s this one incident that I really cant forget. Sorry for all Vietnamese out there who will read this post, I ain’t mean and I am and will never be a racist as well but I just don’t like that soup. I can still remember the time when we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant and tried their specialties. The foods we’re good but the soup that we ordered was so unpalatable. I don’t even want to smell it. Anyways, People have different taste right? I still want to explore, there’s a lot of cuisines that we haven’t tried yet.
Yesterday, he kept on telling me about this smuggies that his group mate bought during their break. Since he knew that I’m such a cake lover, he brought me there. It was something that I missed doing “FOOD TRIPS!” The store was located near their house, facing their chapel so it was easier for us to locate it. It was a bit small. It has two table and big freezer enough for their cakes. I let him order coz I had a hard time choosing since they all look so appetizing and if he forced me to choose, I will surely choose them all… ha ha ha…he pick Belgian tuffle for me and a white chocolate mouse for him… When I tried mine, the taste was so gratifying. so *YUMMY* *YUMMY*.It has been a perfect dessert experience :) I thought about bringing Ganessa and Karen there coz I know they will love it but knowing them especially Karen they will surely ask me to treat them since I invited them just like daboy when I texted him about my cravings. BTW the name of the store is “SUGAR MUNCH DESSERTS” located at Marfori heights. Then again my urge to have a bakeshop kindled my frustrations. I Felt bad thinking that my hopes of achieving that dream was slowly fading sine I am heading in other direction which is too far from what I really wanted.

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