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Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy

I watched this movie a year ago through a friend when i went to her house but i haven't had a chance to blog it because it only have one episode. A while ago a friend of kim sent a link of a movie clip on his messenger. We started to watch the 15 min. mini movie with a very poor quality on youtube then i remember the website where i first saw it. So what is it the movie i am talking about? DEAD FANTASY!

Dead Fantasy is a fan made masterpiece of Monty Oum, a short action pack video combining characters mainly from Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive. Currently it already have five episode and I'm still waiting for the next episode to come out. The first installment of Dead fantasy posted last October 2007 and introduces the first six female characters of the series battling inside and outside a temple situated on the top of a tower.



Type: Ranged, Utility
Fighting Style: Gunner
Weapon: Magic, Tiny bee, Items

She is a female protagonist and seventeen-year-old human summoner. She is the first character to appear in the Dead Fantasy series, running through an enormous ancient temple while being pursued by two shadowed figures who later turn out to be Kasumi and Ayane. She is the daughter of High Summoner Braska and an unnamed Al Bhed woman, who died when Sin attacked her ship at sea. The Al Bhed woman was the sister of Cid, who is the father of Rikku and Brother, meaning that they are Yuna's cousins. A unique trait of Yuna is her heterochromia, her eyes being two different colors. Her left eye is blue, while the right is a shade of green similar to the Al Bhed, though without the characteristic spiral, showing her half-Al Bhed heritage.


Type: Balanced
Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu
Weapon: Ninja Magic
Kasumi is a 17-year-old runaway ninja that fights in the DOA tournaments to meet her brother, Hayate. Her Tenjinmon ninjutsu is lethal, quick as well as elegant, and many of her trademark moves are displayed during her battle with the Final Fantasy cast. One such move was her Sakura Parry teleportation ability, in which she teleports in a burst of pink sakura petals.


Type: Agile, Magical
Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Hajin Mon Ninjutsu
Weapon: Ninja Magic, Energy Sword
Ayane is Kasumi's and Hayate's half-sister, a Ninja destined to live in the shadow of her older sister. A great hatred burns for Kasumi within Ayane. An expert in Ninjutsu, her deadly fighting style has given her the nickname "Female Tengu". She joins in the Dead or Alive World Combat Championship as an assassin in pursuit of her traitor sister, Kasumi, who left the Mugen Tenshin clan behind. Although she would never admit it, Ayane admires Hayate, Her half-brother.


Type: Agile
Fighting Style: Thief
Weapon: Twin Blades
She is a fifteen-year-old Al Bhed who helps Tidus when he first arrives in Spira, but then disappears from the story for a while, becoming the last character to join Yuna's entourage of guardians. She can steal a large variety of items from fiends and bosses alike, many of which can only be acquired through theft. She also is able to dismantle Machina with her theft command. The ability to customize becomes unlocked only after Rikku permanently joins the party.


Type: Strong
Fighting Style: Karate
Weapon: Fists
She enters the DOA3 Tournament in order to test her skills against other martial artists and prove to her father, a German Karate master, that she is capable of her skills. She crosses paths with Jann Lee, who also shares a keen passion for Martial Arts. In the later stages, she finally meets with Ein, although now he is Hayate. She tries to convince him to come back to her father's dojo in Germany, as well as prove to him her martial arts skill.


Type: Strong, Magical
Fighting Style: Zangan-Ryu Martial Arts
Weapon: Materia Magic, Fists
Tifa Lockhart is a female protagonist in Final Fantasy VII. She is Cloud's childhood friend from Nibelheim and a member of AVALANCHE. However, her personality is much more laid back and selfless in comparison, with a motherly streak concerning all her friends and her attitude to others. Tifa is quick to hide her true feelings from people, and her shyness is a key aspect of her character, and she is caring and loving to a fault


Type: Tank
Fighting Style: Demon Hunter
Weapon: Warhammer, Peluda Tail (whip), Fiend Magic
Rachel is a Vigoorian fiend hunter. She is continuously searching for her sister who was turned into a fiend. Her genes give her abnormal strength at expense of being susceptible to becoming a fiend. She can also sense where fiends are. She wields the War Hammer as her main weapon.


Type: Agile, Magical
Fighting Style: Sorcery
Weapon: Vanishing Star, Silenced Tear, Sorceress Power
She is the main female protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. She is best known for her trademark "Angel Wings" printed on the back of her duster sweater and as such her "character symbol" is a white feather that signifies the wings. She serves as Squall Leonhart's love interest and awakens as a Sorceress halfway through the game.


Type: Agile
Fighting Style: Valor
Weapon: Oathkeeper, Oblivion, Kairi's Keyblade, Valor Form
Kairi is one of several original characters appearing in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II, and also one of the main characters in the series. Kairi lives on Destiny Islands along with her two best friends, Sora and Riku. She is 14 at the start of Kingdom Hearts, and 15 during Kingdom Hearts II. Since she would be reappearing in Birth by Sleep, she would be 4 years old then since Birth by Sleep is set 10 years before the start of Kingdom Hearts itself.


Type: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Weapon: ‘’N/A’’
Helena is a character that debuted in Dead or Alive 2. Helena is an opera singer and the daughter of Fame Douglas, the head of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Committee (DOATEC), and Maria. Helena enters the tournament to find who killed her mother during her opera recital. In the end, it turned out to be Christie who assassinated her mother.


Type: Balanced
Fighting Style: Mugen Tenshin Ninjutsu
Weapon: Ninja Magic, Ninjatō, Tanto
Kasumi, also known as "the Kunoichi of Destiny", is a female ninja skilled in the Mugen Tenshin Style of Ninjutsu. She was to become the 18th Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan, but ran away in order to enter the Dead or Alive tournament.a

other characters:


Type: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Weapon: Fusion Sword
Cloud Strife is the main character of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, being the main protagonist. An arrogant swordsman at first, Cloud must come to terms with the fact his memories are false and rediscover who he truly is. In a theme that has carried over to many of his other appearances since Final Fantasy VII, Cloud attempts to leave his dark and tortured past behind. His archrival Sephiroth, having killed many of Cloud's friends, is the metaphorical embodiment of Cloud's dark memories, and the two have done battle several times to finish their conflict.


Fighting Style: N/A
Weapon: ‘’N/A’’
Hayate is a character that first appeared in Dead or Alive 3, despite his appearance as his alter ego Ein from Dead or Alive 2. He is the leader of the Mugen Tenshin Clan and is Kasumi's big brother and Ayane's half brother. He is also the friend of Ryu Hayabusa, but unlike him, Hayate is a reserved ninja.


Type: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Weapon: ‘’N/A’’
Ryu Hayabusa is an extremely powerful ninja, hence his nickname, Super Ninja. He is a master sword fighter, archer and a master of virtually every type of weapon and form of martial arts. He is far stronger, faster, and durable than the average human. In the Ninja Gaiden series, Ryu has a array of many powerful techniques. Ryu is able to make himself immune to everything while casting Ninpo. Also having the technique called "Flying Swallow", a lightning fast attack that allows Ryu to cut through his foes. Also Ryu could transform into a falcon, the spiritual animal of the Hayabusas, making him able to travel anywhere around the world as seen at the end of Ninja Gaiden/Sigma. He is seen defeating enemies like the Holy Vigoor Emperor easily with his wide range of weapons.

click the the links to watch the mini movie


Yuna is the first character to appear in the Dead Fantasy series, running through an enormous ancient temple while being pursued by two shadowed figures who later turn out to be Kasumi and Ayane. She puts up a fair fight against the two kunoichi, but ultimately needs help to even the odds.Rikku comes to Yuna's aid stealing Ayane's weapon but then returning it to keep things fair. She's extremely fast and reliable, protecting Yuna. Then Hitomi out of the temple they were fighting in utilizing enormous blocks of stone. She is given exaggerated strength to compensate for her lack of magical powers.Tifa appeared, saving Yuna and Rikku by dispatching all three Dead or Alive girls at once with her martial arts ability.


The action begins where the last installment left off with the arrival of Tifa and continues on to cover more of the temple until the temple itself is destroyed and the girls fight while descending the outside temple wall. Landing on a lake of lava the battle continues until the lake is frozen solid and the girls (now a total of 9 combatants) battle until they are seperated and sent in pairs to different locations.Rachel join the fray when it breaks out of the building limits to the outside environment, swinging her massive hammer with ease and deadly skill and the sudden appearance of Rinoa.Kairi entered the battle with her single floral Keyblade but then transformed into Valor Form and wielded two keyblades; the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, for the majority of the conflict


The first of a series of one-on-one battles Dead Fantasy III was released alongside Dead Fantasy IV and showcases the martial battle between Tifa and Hitomi within a partially demolished cathedral. It is the first installment to show physical repercussions from the battle such as injuries and ripped clothing. Kasumi appeared in multitude at the end of Dead Fantasy III while Helena appeared at the last part of the episode though she doesnt fight.


The one-on-one battles continue in Dead Fantasy IV. Released consecutively with Dead Fantasy III, the forth installment portrays the battle between Kasumi and Yuna, with appearances from Kasumi X and Cloud Strife. It also partially illustrates what happened to Kairi, who was the only combatant transported without a partner. briefly fights Kasumi until her clones interfere. Her one-on-one battle with Kasumi, and later Kasumi X, forces her to temporarily change to her summoner outfit and summon the ‘’Final Fantasy X’’ versions of Ixion, Shiva, Valefor, Ifrit and Bahamut. The clones defeat them, weakening Yuna, who is rescued by Cloud.


Hayate and his ninja clan take over Hitomi's fight and now they pursue Tifa. A chase now ensues as Tifa is reluctant to fight this many enemies at once. After being chased along a train, she makes a desperate jump and ends up in a warehouse. Cornered, she must fight the entire horde of ninjas. She is able to kill off most of them without the help of her materia and is still able to fight after being impaled by several arrows. She then tries to fight against Hayate, but he is too fast for Tifa to handle, and so she succumbs to her injuries and collapses without Hayate even trying to hit her. Hayate and his ninjas take her to a helicopter where Tifa could be treated or experimented on. Ryu Hayabusa dives from the sky and kills off all of the Kasumi clones in one attack. He is accompanied by Momiji from Ninja Gaiden.Momiji examines Kasumi's memories from her fights. She and Ryu take Kasumi away from the battlefield littered with the bodies of the clones.

*thanks to wikia for the information, Untitled thoughts and gametrailers for the videos

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