Thursday, March 12, 2009


Why run away when you know it’s bound to come?

Why pursue when you know you’ll eventually have it?

Why not stand still in virtuous patience?

We move, we walk, we run, in constant motion.

Why not stand still in meditative silence?
I have only lately realized that we spend so much time moving around that we get restless at the slight feel of inertia. We become paranoid. Worrisome. Even disoriented.

Being still is foreign to us.

But if you think about it, the best things in life happen in its stillness…

That look that just says it all.

That smile that just melts your heart.

That song that just makes your day.

That touch that lingers.

That moment when you kiss.

That pause when you say those three words.

That sigh when you want to let it all out.

It silences the confusion, the whispers, the unquieted beating of heart…

then you begin to appreciate that one moment in stillness.

To capture it.

To feel it.

To keep it.

In stillness, we find what we look for.

Perhaps it may not be at this time.

Not right away.

It may even pass us by.

But you’ll know because deep inside all you want is for everything to be still once that moment arrives.

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