Wednesday, March 18, 2009

reality bites


It will be great to know that we have a limousine, diamonds, maids, drivers, pool, a big house, the most gorgeous clothes, shoes, accessories, attending the most prestigious school, to be popular, to have the richest friends, more like everything. But what if you really don’t have this kind of stuffs? You’re just a simple person living in a simple place with regular friends, experiencing failures, wearing the simplest clothes and shoes, a person who worries about the submission of home works because you’re worried to get a low grade. Simple. Just simple. And because of this, a lot of us pretend to be someone we’re really not. Awkward but true.

Pretending is not always the answer. If you think that it is, then think again. If you’re friends like you because you’re rich, then they’re really not your friends. Open your eyes. Face reality. Remember that you can’t always be on the top. If you’re friends leave you, just the think of the reason why.

So I say, be proud. Be confident. Be YOU!!!

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