Wednesday, August 20, 2008


The memories flood in and out. So rapidly, they are impossible to focus.

I close my eyes and picture my life.

All the people I have touched, all the people who have impacted me and the paths I have chosen.


A path that is familiar to me.

Almost as if I am beginning to know the outcome of my decisions before I even make them.

Breathe. Close your eyes. Just breathe.

I can’t seem to shake them. They are everywhere, overwhelming my soul.

Pain . Regret. Selfishness.

Peace is now a fairy-tale

So far away as if it were a dream untouchable in reality.

Pain suddenly flows through my body like an electric shock.

I realize everything eventually comes back to you.

I long for acceptance.

Love that is so perfect, so everlasting.

It all seems so unattainable.

All the memories and the things I have accomplished in flesh

So irrevelant now.

My world moves around me like a whirlwind

I am stuck in a time bomb that will never explode.

I often forget.

It’s you.

It has always been you

i never thought that i can still write a poem for almost 4 years of not writing. i wrote this last's not really good but i decided to post it here since my brain isn't functioning well and i have no nice topic to post. ha ha ha. it's time for me to share my poetic side. LMAO.

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