Saturday, August 30, 2008

smooth spoken

I am a moody bastard but starting to learn how to control my emotions! I’m not outspoken and words can be heard throughout the limitations of your senses!

I can be sweet, but I can also be mean. I talked a lot and I laugh out loud. I laugh at the smallest & stupidest things. Maria Clara was never my heroine, and I would rather guffaw out loud than hide a giggle behind my hand. I’m a bit shy at first but if I really feel comfortable being with you, I tell you, I’m totally brazen.

I am a laid back person! I’m obsessed with nature, butterflies, photography and traveling! (I want someone to travel the world with). I don’t believe in LOVE @ FIRST SIGHT but I believe that there's a unique feeling behind those stares and longing imaginations!.. And before u knew've found the right ONE!!

I learned to explore childhood life in my own and play with my only imaginary friend ‘myself’, I’m better off in my world! Until I came up to the point of realizing that I have a life to live. Back then I gain friends in my pre-school years and at the same time, started to fight for myself. Violence doesn’t exist in my world before but I don’t even believe in their peace! I became evil when they messed up with me. Instead of a girl of peace and love I have become a girl full of curse and revenge. The more I gain friends, the more they got jealous and trying to bring me down! But I proved them wrong.. cuz I’m not the typical WEAK brat.. I fight for everything and I fight for what is right, maybe that’s the reason why friends loved me just for being ‘me’. I don’t believed in apologies and you rather hold your breath until your breathing stops forever, cause I don’t give a damn my dear! The only thing you get from me is the curse in my lips! I don’t want to fall to pieces and I’m not interested to talk about those shits you’ve done in my life!

I feel that I am nobody.. Just an ordinary girl.. but I am so blessed to have these wonderful people not perfect but enough to be perfect! They’ve seen the best and the worst of me but still support me with whatever I do. The love and care they show me is what keeps me going and strong. Tnx for these wonderful people I’ve known:






♥Ethel♥Divine♥Roxane♥Kristee Ann♥

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