Thursday, June 03, 2010

21 month and counting

Hey babe,

Hey babe,

Your playing HON right now, while I'm writing you this precious letter of mine :). Well, Can't believe that we're celebrating our 21st month together ( 1 yr and 9 months) . I know it was my patience and love that keep our relationship more stronger hahahah... kidding ! This won't take long since I'm effin sleepy na. I wanted to thank you for all the support that you've shown me; thank you for giving me the courage to fight for our love. The roads we have traveled have been long and bumpy, but we survived the ruts. Thank you for always giving me that extra chance to make it and never giving up on us no matter how blurry things are. Thank you for trusting me, for understanding my tantrums and of course for loving me and accepting who I really am. Thank you for the patience, even though sometimes I'm stubborn and childish. Thank you for being so just so wonderful in every way , Thank you for letting me love you like I do and Thank you for simply being YOU.


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