Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two types of irresponsible people

There are two types of irresponsible people.

1. The Lovable Scatterbrain
These are the ones who slack off in their schoolwork, absent-mindedly leave their personal belongings everywhere, and consistently forget to do daily chores, like watering a plant. They are cute and carefree (aka ditzy). Their behavior would generate a ton of stress for the average person... like starting a 6 page paper the day it's due, or misplacing a wallet. But they're generally okay with whatever situations they find themselves in, and tend to have an optimistic view of life.

2. The Desperate Friend in Need
These people 1) wait until the last minute to print something out, then 2) freak out because the printer doesn't work... and 3) beg you to solve their problem.

I would consider myself to be a mix of both. I always feel really bad when I call my mom and ask her to send me things that I left at home, and I'm surprised that she still continues to do it whenever I ask. I'm really grateful for her patience.

I'm working on it... forgetfulness is a trait that can be fixed, if you have the right tools. (That's part of the reason why I love to make lists!)

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