Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to win her heart in 10 (admittedly not so) easy steps

How to win her heart in 10 (admittedly not so) easy steps

1. Be yourself.
If you're not, sooner or later, your true nature will reveal itself. Besides, girls like a genuine guy who isn't afraid to embrace both his strengths and weaknesses.

2. Win over her friends' hearts.
Do this first and you're sure to get their approval. If and when she goes to them for advice, since her friends like you, they'll encourage her to pursue her romantic intentions concerning none other than you!

3. Play hard to get.
This should be done with caution and in moderation. All I'm going to say is that girls love the chase and a little challenge just as much as guys do. Wait more than 5 milliseconds before replying to her IM. Be exciting. Be mysterious. Make her wonder. And don't be a doormat and/or too agreeable! It will help your love blossom and keep her on her toes!

4. Be confident.
Man up. Believe in yourself. Confidence is inspiring, infectious, and extremely attractive.

5. Have a passion.
No, I don't necessarily mean the burning passions that lie within your heart and body... Have something you're crazy about (besides her!), be it a sport, music, literature, anything! There's something about people who are passionate about something in life and are driven that is very admirable. Plus, you can always teach her a little something about whatever it is you like.

6. Be a gentleman.
Be polite; obey the rules of chivalry. Be her knight in shining armor - charming, dependable and well-mannered. Do your homework on what you should be doing: opening doors, paying for dinner, being respectful...whatever! However, don't be too nice and afraid to engage in a playful debate.

7. Make her giggle.
Don't be afraid to flirt or crack a joke! We know you're a funny guy deep down inside. Being able to make her laugh will put you in a whole new light and will help you relax, too!

8. Do your homework and a little research.
NO, this does not mean stalk her online or in person. Be vaguely familiar with what she likes, talk to her friends for help (this can be a biggie), impress her by remembering what she says or knowing a little about something she likes. You don't have to be a total expert, but this is a good backup plan for when you're at a loss for words. Just don't be creepy by knowing EVERYTHING.

9. Do NOT be awkward.
Even if you feel awkward, don't act like it. Pretending that everything is just fine and dandy will work. Just keep the convo flowing and stay relaxed! Harder than it sounds, I know.

10. Be patient.
Don't rush into things. As corny as this may sound, let your love blossom! And if it doesn't, don’t push it. Maybe things weren't meant to work out. Don't stress and move on; the world is full of chicks waiting for you to woo them.
This advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Everyone is different and the methodology of winning a girl's heart varies from couple to couple. Heck, it might not even work out for you two, but don't despair. There's someone out there for everyone. Just be patient. Good luck and happy wooing.

I still don't get the whole "hard to get" thing. Games are so sixth grade, guys.

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Anonymous said...

the "hard to get" thingy quite works :)

I'm a girl btw, and I do agree that other girls do like some men to be sometimes, "hard to get". :)