Monday, May 19, 2008

Ouran High School Host Club

In this screwball romantic comedy series "Ouran High School Host Club". Haruhi, a scholar student pretend to be a boy breaks $80.000 vase that belong to the "Host Club" the school's swankiest club. the club consist of six super-rich and gorgeous guys . The Host Club mistake Haruhi for a boy (as she cannot afford the uniform and is wearing the only clothes her father had resembling a uniform) and upon breaking the vase belonging to the Hosts Haruhi is forced into the Club as their "dog" (and later turned "pig" as Tamaki calls her). But as we soon find out, Haruhi's not at all a bad looking guy--she's a girl. Even though they find out that she was pretending to be a boy just to continue her scholarship they kept it as a secret that only 7 of them knew. In fact, she gets accepted into the Host Club as a host. i don't want to be a spoiler here! just watch all the episode on youtube or crunchyroll .

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